North Carolina Duck Guide & Waterfowl Weather



North Carolina weather…. its definitely up in the air & the weather man seems to have had a buzz when forecasting the past two weeks. With that said, we’ve been having to work harder to stay “in the ducks.” Fortunately this week scouting hard has paid off and we were able to harvest nice bags of birds the past four days. Sharing the blind with passionate hunters is what keeps me going and I truly feel every waterfowler I had on the boat this week loves the sport. It says a lot to continue to hunt in t- shirts, rain suits, sweaters and almost a parka all in the same week, but I firmly believe they and we do it because it is who we are and what we love.

– Capt. Jennings

Divers Down

First off, don’t get me wrong; I love most all species of ducks. I am unbiased when it comes to taking puddlers, divers, or sea ducks. But divers get my blood going. To me there is nothing quite like that sound when a group of cans, bluebills, redheads or ringnecks make that first pass over the decoys. These past three days have been in good company with gentlemen who enjoy water-fowling and who know how to have a ball doing it

– Capt. Jennings

Out in the Elements







Growing up as a boy in North Carolina i was truly blessed. I loved to hunt and i had a Grandfather that was exceptional at it. Granddaddy Clifton was a Marine in WWII, an outdoorsman, a craftsman, a marksman, and basically an all around man’s man. After school the question was not if we could go hunting, but where. My Cousin Jason and I were his constant apprentices afield, and loved every minute of it.  We both share more fond memories than we can count hunting and fishing with him.

This morning Jason and I were able hunt together on the sound, and plainly put.. it was pretty sporty out. We set the spread and pretty quickly the birds started to toll. He was able to harvest a nice limit of birds and then it went from sporty to blowing & cold.  As we loaded up, fighting the whitecaps, i smiled and felt warm… not because of the fun gunning, but for the fact that I know we both probably could not do what we are able to do today; had it not been for my Grandfather. Although he has passed for some time now, he is still with Jason and I, and i think we both know it.

That to me is why this hunt was a memorable one.

-Capt Jennings

The season between seasons


It’s always a special moment when a waterfowler harvests their first bird. This morning was no exception. The ducks worked well today and the weather was great for gunning the layouts. We deployed the boats as well as the strings of decoys,and already the birds were starting to toll. Her first volley didn’t hit the mark as a group of surf scoters decoyed, however the second flock was a different story. Looking through the binoculars I could see a bird fall before hearing the shot. Then, listening to her excitement over the radio as she shouted, “I got one!”, it reminded me of why I love this sport and guiding people who appreciate the same experiences. We all remember our first bird, mine was a hen bufflehead, hunting out of a stake blind with my father at the age of 7. I can still picture it vividly to this day, and I hope this huntress will through the years as well.

-Capt. Jennings

Its a wrap for the second split, fun gunning on the Pamlico Sound


We had a good second split for the 2016-17 season hunting the Pamlico Sound and can’t wait for the 3rd. Thank you to both new and returning clients who make it possible. Majority of birds taken thus far  were seaducks and puddle ducks, and we’re ready for a strong showing of divers to push down to the good ol North State. the weather this weekend is looking right & of course the season is out. but we’re ready

– Capt. Jennings Rose IV