Fish & Fowl on the Pamlico

First off, there is alot of life in the Sound right now. To the bait fisherman, you should have no problem getting fresh shad… they are thick along the river shore and creek mouths of the lower Neuse and Pamlico. The fishing has been strong as of late with good catches of slot drum, trout, and rockfish. This cold front that came through and finally brought us some fall weather should help to push the trout up the creeks as the water temperature falls. The time for trout is upon us. With that said i took a long “ride about” yesterday and was pleased with the number of birds i saw for this time of year. The 2017-18 season looks promising, and we still have some dates open for combination fishing and gunning trips.  We are in full preparation for waterfowl and are looking forward to sharing sunrises, decoying birds, and memories with clients this winter.

Thanks Friends,

– Capt. Jennings