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Spring Fishing in Eastern North Carolina

As we continue to roll on towards Spring the fishing continues to improve with warmer temperatures. We are seeing catches of Speckled trout, Stripers and Red drum as well. The best artificial bait for all three species has proven to be a white scented soft plastic with a 1/4 ounce weighted jig head . We are targeting these species currently on the Neuse River but will be heading to the Roanoke River in Early April. We look forward to seeing you on the water!

Duck Guides

Our Waterfowl season will be here before we know it. Fortunately we were able to harvest 22 different species of waterfowl last year, hopefully we get the diversity of species and numbers this year as well. call Capt. Jennings for your next duck hunting adventure

Roanoke Rockfish ; COVID-19 Update

I hope everyone has been staying safe and positive with the COVID-19 situation we have going on currently. Times are tough but the fishing is excellent. I am still operating and will be running trips in Weldon starting April 12th. The fishing has overall been awesome and should continue into the second week of May. If you would like to experience a spectacular fishery and get out on the water for some outdoor activity give me a call. I sanitize my boat and all equipment before and after each trip to ensure client safety. Talk to your family, call your friends, reach out to a client and lets go catch some fish…. alot of them.

Thank you and God Bless

Capt. Jennings

Winter is Coming… Fishing and Waterfowl Report

Its been an awesome start to our 2019- 2020 waterfowl season so far. Fortunately we’ve had good numbers of sea ducks mixed with divers and puddle ducks making up our daily bag. I was concerned that the poor state of our oyster beds in the western pamlico sound would be an issue with holding a good wintering population of sea ducks but so far we are looking good. If the season continues how it’s been ill be one happy man. Talk of the year.. Speckled Trout. It really has been an amazing fishery and if we can get through this winter without a cold stun event, this spring should be exceptional in both numbers and quality fish. Mirrolures have been our go to recently working it slow all the way from the bank back to the boat. These fish have already made their push to the head of the creeks, warmer sunny days have made for a good time on the water fishing. Stay safe, tight lines, good gunning and god bless. – Capt. Jennings

Guide Report : Summer Time Fishing

Well yet again, its been a long overdue post but here we go. Fist off i would like to thank everyone who fished with me out of Wrightsville Beach this June and July. It was great seeing old friends and meeting some new ones along the way. Fishing was fun and the Lady Luck did well for me, she’s a versatile boat and i don’t take it for granted.

Moving forward, another season is officially upon us. The big reds have showed up on the neuse river and pamlico sound. We’ve caught beautiful fish and it should get nothing but better as we carry on into September. The river is alive! It seems as the higher salinity water and lack of rain has helped us out. Tons of bait, lots of spanish and blues, birds diving, fish jumping and busting… its an exciting time to be on the water, especially on calm days where you can see it all. Speckled Trout.. thank god for them and this year has been awesome. With the lack of slot drum on the sound, the trout have been our staple inshore. Large catches and fun fishing… I’m going to grind it out with waterfowl preparations early October to make sure i have time for fall fishing mixed in with the ducks. It should be spectacular. Finally, hitting the banks for flounder has been productive. We caught plenty our last trip with some quality keepers in the mix.

Be safe on the water friends and if i can help in any way I’m a phone call away.

Thanks again – Capt. Jennings

Guide Report: Summer fishing Wrightsville Beach & Oriental NC

Well, its been long over due for an updated post so here we go. The fishing out of wrightsville beach thus far has been fun. We are targeting spanish mackerel, seabass, flounder, drum and sheepshead primarily. When the weather allows we have pushed off the beach and the king mackerel have been numerous in the 10- 25 mile range with a few nice mahi in the mix. Lots of life just off the beach, birds working, porpoises (dolphins), plenty of bait… its good to see. Most of the inshore species we are catching with clients are falling for carolina rigged finger mullet… hard to beat this time of year for multiple species. Black drum and sheepshead are being caught on fiddler crabs its easy to fill up a bucket at low tide, then head to the bridges and pilings for a good time. Nearshore out to 30 miles the kings we are catching have come off drone spoons fished behind a #3 planer on a fairly stiff rod. This works well while still pulling ballyhoo up top for the mahi and sailfish opportunity.

Oriental NC

Trout have been the story over the past months. Thank god for them because the slot drum have not been prevalent. We have had a few good days on the drum but overall their just not around in the normal numbers that we typically see. With that said, the trout fishing has really been a blast. Early morning topwater, then switching to popping corks fished with a DOA shrimp underneath… and if the wind picks up well transition to live bait and typically pull our better fish on the live bait. Flounder are around, artificials fished straight to a jighead and bouncing off the bottom is most productive. It wont be long now when we start transitioning over to old drum… and were chomping at the bit for it.

Thanks friends, and if you have any questions feel free to give me a ring, ill be happy to help any way possible

Capt. Jennings Rose IV

North Carolina Duck Hunting Guide: Report

I would like to give a big THANK YOU to all that have hunted with us this past season. It has truly been a pleasure sharing the boats and blinds with yall and we will begin booking when the 2019- 2020 season dates are finalized. Fortunately we were blessed with a safe and successful season with sea ducks being our staple and divers and puddle ducks mixed in. The weather being mild as a whole made scouting a priority to stay in the birds; but fortunately the numbers held strong. Again thanks to all who booked with us and we look forward to guiding everyone again next year.

Thanks Friends,

-Capt. Jennings

Carolina Sea Ducks: Guide Report

Well friends, there’s one month left for the season and although the weather forecast predicts mild temperatures; hopefully the gunning will remain strong. Sea Ducks have been our staple this year with divers and puddle ducks mixed in. A North Carolina Guide always hopes for a good blast of arctic wind from the north but thankfully the birds have held with these high temperatures. Again i would like to thank everyone that have shared the blinds with us this year, great clients make the difference!

Good Gunning

– Capt. Jennings


Guided Duck Hunting & Trout Fishing

The holiday season is upon us and were thankful for the memories we’ve shared with  clients thus far. The ducks made a good showing at the start of the season and i was pleased that the mussel and clam beds seem to not have been affected as badly as i anticipated by hurricane florence. The speckled trout fishing has also been good overall with quantity of fish, and a few “good keepers” mixed in.  We’re excited for the last split for waterfowl season but will also be running some sea duck hunts during the special season.  Happy holidays friends and i hope to see you on the water soon!  We are also offering Gift Certificates this year, please contact us if you would like to purchase one for that special someone or family member .

– Capt. Jennings

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