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Roanoke Rockfish

It’s been a fun start to the 2018 rockfish season at the head of the Roanoke; and it should just keep getting better.  Great clients and working along side Great guides make this special place in NC even more memorable. we have three half days left availible currenly. Give us a call and lets go get em!

– Capt. Jennings

All in & All done

The last youth day has come and gone, and we had a great time with the younger generation of waterfowlers. The birds worked well despite fog, warm weather & rain … and spirits were high as we headed back to the dock. Its been both an interesting and exciting 2017-2018 season and i would like to give a big Thank You again to all those who have hunted with us this year.  I cant wait to see what the next season brings us but until then its time to trade shotguns for spinning rods and take to the water.

Thanks friends

– Capt. Jennings


One Sunrise; Multiple Memories

As the last week of the 2017-2018 waterfowl season has come, i started reflecting back today on the season as a whole. Its has seemed at times like both a marathon and a sprint to stay amongst the ducks, but not everything comes easy. we’ve hunted in near record low temperatures for the state and swatted mosquitoes in december but such seems to be the random patterns of North Carolina weather.  Sharing experiences with youth outdoors has been the highlight for me so far. Seeing the anticipation at first light and the amazement in a young hunters eyes as a group of divers cut into the decoys like little jets from above sets a smile on my face every-time. When i was young all i wanted to do was to be in the woods or on the water; and when you see young people this day in age with the same enthusiasm and passion for being in mother nature and chasing wild game its good to know that a foundation for the longevity of this sport is being set.

Again i would like to give a big THANK YOU to all the ladies and gentlemen who have hunted with us this season and the best part is…. its not over yet.

Thanks Friends,

– Capt. Jennings


Wind, Snow & Ice: Duck Guides

Finally the freeze up gave us strong numbers of fresh birds; which made for good gunning. Nearly good enough to forget about how cold our feet were with the 9 degree temperature and strong wind chill. Hunting in these conditions is never easy, but was truly an experience and thankfully rewarding. Having great people to share sunrises with definitely makes a difference and i cant wait to see what the rest of the season holds.

Stay safe friends and good gunning!

– Capt. Jennings


Eastern NC Waterfowl Hunting

Overall, its been a good first split for the 2017- 2018 Waterfowl Season. Thus far we have harvested 14 different species of Fowl and have had a blast doing it.   The first 2 weeks of the season started out strong and gradually tapered off on the numbers of birds seen using the western Pamlico Sound; which ment we just had to work harder to stay in good gunning.  This hard front coming through towards the weekend should give us good numbers of fresh birds, thats always the hope of the hunter anyhow. Special thanks to all who have shared the boats and blinds with us so far and were looking forward to the grand fan-ally to come. Its shaping up to be a promising late season.

Thanks Friends

– Capt. Jennings


Fish & Fowl on the Pamlico

First off, there is alot of life in the Sound right now. To the bait fisherman, you should have no problem getting fresh shad… they are thick along the river shore and creek mouths of the lower Neuse and Pamlico. The fishing has been strong as of late with good catches of slot drum, trout, and rockfish. This cold front that came through and finally brought us some fall weather should help to push the trout up the creeks as the water temperature falls. The time for trout is upon us. With that said i took a long “ride about” yesterday and was pleased with the number of birds i saw for this time of year. The 2017-18 season looks promising, and we still have some dates open for combination fishing and gunning trips.  We are in full preparation for waterfowl and are looking forward to sharing sunrises, decoying birds, and memories with clients this winter.

Thanks Friends,

– Capt. Jennings



Summertime on the Sound : Pamlico fishing report

We have had some fun trips on the Pamlico sound and Neuse river the past several weeks with friends, family, and clients. The holiday boat traffic has tapered down but the fishing has not. Early in the morning and late evening have produced best, as the water temp. is obviously very warm. Plenty of bait is around, and its been good to see strong numbers of crab, shrimp, and mullet along the shoreline and tributaries. The river and sound has a lot of life around now, and hopefully it will stay that way through the summer and into the fall. Slot drum, speckled trout, flounder, and a good showing of striper are making it fun for us.

Tight lines Friends

– Jennings

Fishing in The Sycamore Trees

It’s been an interesting season up here on the Roanoke thus far this year. Live bait has been hard to come by and the water levels recently have been as high as many have fished in this area…. in decades. With that said we have had great days with both new and repeat clients fortunately. The scenery here on the Roanoke is beautiful and the added water has allowed us to access places normally not fished. Catching Rockfish back in the woods in high water, all while watching a variety of wildlife, has been a memorable experience not only for clients but also myself.

Thanks Friends

Capt. Jennings

Family Fun for Roanoke River Rockfish

The weather has been great the past two weeks and we are experiencing some exciting fishing for Stripers (rockfish) up on the Roanoke River. We have been having good numbers of fish on half day trips and the keeper sized fish are here as well and should continue to get even better. The fish are biting, the weather is right, and the scenery is gorgeous… Time to get out on the water Friends!

– Capt. Jennings 

Setting the hook into Spring


March winds are upon us and so are the fish. Its been an interesting winter….. actually not much of a winter at all and the surface water temps in the creeks along the Neuse and Pamlico represent that. Fortunately we have not had a cold stun to report and the trout fishing remains fun. The stripers and shad are on the move and you can tell spring is in the air, even if we have colder air coming this weekend. The birds are singing, the animals are pairing up, and; most importantly the fish are snapping… Lets go get Em !

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