Its been an awesome start to our 2019- 2020 waterfowl season so far. Fortunately we’ve had good numbers of sea ducks mixed with divers and puddle ducks making up our daily bag. I was concerned that the poor state of our oyster beds in the western pamlico sound would be an issue with holding a good wintering population of sea ducks but so far we are looking good. If the season continues how it’s been ill be one happy man. Talk of the year.. Speckled Trout. It really has been an amazing fishery and if we can get through this winter without a cold stun event, this spring should be exceptional in both numbers and quality fish. Mirrolures have been our go to recently working it slow all the way from the bank back to the boat. These fish have already made their push to the head of the creeks, warmer sunny days have made for a good time on the water fishing. Stay safe, tight lines, good gunning and god bless. – Capt. Jennings